These classes are open to any investigator who wants to learn about or advance their proficiency analyzing call detail records.

This 40 hour course allows motivated investigators to understand the evidentiary value of call detail records for nearly any type of investigation. The class syllabus incorporates one large case study for students to investigate using call detail records. The workshops in this case study allow students to experience the process of investigating call detail records from beginning to end. The 40 hour class uses a heavy emphasis on the use of Excel as an investigative tool to analyze call detail records.  This class is a pre-requisite to the ZetX Subject Matter Expert Certification Course.

40 Hour Fee: $700.00 per person

Course topics include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding provider networks
  • Understanding call detail records
  • Court orders and search warrants
  • Mapping call detail records
  • Call pattern analysis
  • Furthering investigations with call detail records
  • Legal Standards
  • Court room presentations

Materials needed: (A workbook and thumb drive are provided for each student)

  • Laptop and mouse
  • Google Earth Installed
  • Microsoft Excel Installed

Pre-Course Preparation:

  • Microsoft Excel Online Tutorials

Agency Hosting Requirements and Benefits:

  • 15 Student Minimum
  • 40 Person Capacity Venue
  • Wi-fi, tables and chairs

Hosting agency receives:

  • 3 free seats with 15 paying students
  • 5 free seats with 20 paying students
  • 8 free seats with 25 paying students

Instructor Name: Sy Ray